MD Engineering

Plant Machinery Installation and Location
Fabrication and Installation of Support Structures
Pipework Fabrication and Installation
Electrical & Electronic Installation


About MD Engineering


Our skill base extends to:-

  • Maintenance
  • Development projects
  • P l a n t installation, relocation,
  • shipping & storage
  • Fabrication
  • Electrical services
  • Pipework
  • Machining

Our client base covers:-

  • Automotive industry
  • Petro-chemical sites
  • Precision engineering
  • Food preparation & packaging
  • Textile industry
  • Construction & demolition

Workshop & storage facility specifications:-
MD Engineering have 16000 square feet of internal floor space divided up into fitting shop, electrical shop, machine shop, fabrication & welding, internal machinery storage plus machinery run-up & development areas. Our premises also have 32000 square foot of secure compound for the outside storage of heavy equipment & containers. We have lettings on further storage facilities near by for overspill.


  • Turning 4off up to 1m diameter x 3m centres on DSG
  • Milling 3off up to1.2m x .9m Plus rotary milling table up to 1.4m diameter, compound head & slab mills
  • Surface grinding 2off up to 200 x 500mm
  • Vertical boring 1off 36in Webster Bennett
  • Drilling 6off various spindles plus Kitchen Walker 72” radial arm
  • Metal cutting 2off auto saws, 1off auto with bar feeder & 3off manual saws
  • Welding various MIG, stick, AC & DC TIG sets
  • The shop is equipped with cranes & forklifts to handle up to 7T